July 2, 2016

Hillary Clinton's weekend of misfortune

Well, it's not Thursday so it's not really a Thursday Hillary Bash, but how can I avoid talking about Hillary Clinton today?  The FBI has interviewed her, and Bill Clinton met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch in secret, and got caught.  The stench of corruption keeps growing stronger.

Did Bill Clinton's meeting force the FBI to move early?  If so, perhaps it was a brilliant move to derail the FBI by making them move early in order to counter an improper meeting with Lynch.   It also puts the scandal in early summer when attention by voters tends to wane.

It also presents a great opportunity for Trump to move up in the polls.  How does he capitalize? Doers he point it out our does he shut up and let her and Bill sink themselves? I don't think the latter approach is part of his repertoire, so look for him to unleash on Hillary all over social media for this.  After all it fits his message on her - she's not trustworthy. 

But I suspect the FBI has been caught without being ready to proceed, or that Lynch, a true corruptocrat will allow Hillary to go free somehow.  

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