September 30, 2011

Van Jones' Progressive October Offensive

A lot of people think this is not meaningful.  Never underestimate your opponent - that's all I'm saying.  True Van Jones is not as powerful as this video portrays.  True progressives have lost an awful awful lot of credibility since 2008 and it showed in the 2010 midterm elections and is showing in president Obama's underwater approval ratings.

But, look at what they tried in Wisconsin.  Look at what Jimmy Hoffa said recently.  Look what Obama's trying now with his pass this bill tour.  They HAVE to do something, or the re-election campaign for Obama will be a flame-out of epic proportions.  Their only hope of success is Tea Party complacency.  This may not be about winning the White House, it may be about trying to bury the Tea Party with the belief that the Republican party, with a discredited Tea Party will do nothing and will therefore bury itself.


  1. You forgot to mention the actual violence and property destruction at the port in Washington.

    I'm not too worried. Recently, everytime the left shows their true colors "independents" run for the hills. Examples: wall street protests, Michael Moore, and every Obama speech this last year.

  2. Well said Itchy, on all points.


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