September 12, 2011

Why Fox is bad for Palin

It probably doesn't take a PhD to figure out where this line of thinking is going.  Fox News has provided an outlet for Sarah Palin, but the incremental value with regards to getting her message out there  has limitations, and it's probably been reached.

Sarah Palin's messages get out quickly and effectively thanks to her Facebook page.  News reporters follow her around waiting for news.  Fox News doesn't serve any incremental purpose in that regard.  In the past few years it did.  Now it only provides a source of income.  That's fine if that's her objective.  But if she intends on running for president, delaying the decision hurts in a number of ways.  If Fox News is part of that decision-making process, it's hurting her.

If on the other hand she's seeking to be a kingmaker in the GOP primary,  then maybe it's not so bad. Overall however, Fox News has outlived its usefulness as far as Palin is concerned.


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