September 14, 2011

Funny, and Jewish is both funny and Jewish

There's a site that has graciously linked to me that I'd like to point out, in fact, I've linked to them as well.  The site is called Funny and Jewish.  That they would link to me - a not-funny Christian is in a way funny.  Then again in a way it's not.  I've always been very pro-Israel, and a firm believer in the common interests between the two religions and the two cultures.  Maybe it's the fact that I find them funny.

This is not me.
In any case I'm happy to refer anyone interested in some lighthearted looks at the news.  It is indeed funny.  If I had a shtick it would go right here in this post.  Instead let me kvetch about not having anything funny to say right now. Bupkes.  All that's coming to mind is the Beastie Boys.  

But that doesn't matter - if you want humor, I just gave you the link. Follow it.  Try the bit about the Gibson guitar raid for starters.  It's quite good.

Shalom out.


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