September 23, 2011

Morgan Freeman loses his grassroots cache.

Morgan Freeman goes off on the Tea Party patriots. Perhaps he doesn't understand the real story.

Remember when he said this? He earned some respect with that. Now he's blown that grassroots cache. Back when President Obama won, I told two of my black friends who supported Obama that it wouldn't stop racism. I said it would make it worse if Obama did a terrible job. He'd make it harder for a qualified African American to be the next African American president.
What if he turns out to be terrible because he wasn't really well vetted? How much harder does that make it for the next black candidate, even if they are exceptionally qualified? There will be an inherent scepticism before he/she has a chance. What does that do for equality of opportunity?
Looking back I said a lot of stuff that made sense. Imagine that.


  1. Spot on with your assessment, Sir. I maintain that electing Barry Obama set race relations back over 100 years, too.

  2. Paul!!! Glad to see you are still around.

    No real conservatively principled individual would vote against a candidate because they were some ethnicity different than themselves. I would vote for Thomas Sowell ahead of Al Gore in a heartbeat.

    Where Obama put voters when the next African American candidate comes along, is in a more suspicious space than they would otherwise be. That's unfair to the next candidate.


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