September 23, 2011

Recapping Obama

For those of you or for your friends who do not follow politics on a regular basis and get your political impressions and decisioning courtesy of the mainstream media, complete with it's inherent bias, allow me to recap the Obama presidency for you in something that suits your passing fancy and/or short attention span.

  1. There were numerous scandals with Obama's appointments to various departments and positions.  That has subsided but not disappeared. 
  2. Early on the president insisted he would close the Gitmo detention facility. It is still open. That's a good thing by the way.
  3. There was an early round of massive government spending to revive the economy and stop unemployment from rising above 8%.  It bordered on $1 trillion.
  4. The president went on an international apology and bowing tour. Remember America, you are the bad guy.
  5. There was some more massive spending from that he approved.  Only half the size of before, but the president was eager not to let the crisis go to waste.
  6. The government got into the car business.  Cash for Clunkers will feature in future economic textbooks as a classic example of stupidity.
  7. The president decided to stay in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq long enough to let the pullout political impacts help him in 2012.
  8. Obamacare is more unpopular now than when it was passed by a power and spending mad triumvirate of Democrats - Obama, Pelosi and Reid.  The Tea Party did not rid the country of any of the three but severely diminished one.  Obamacare will be in a future textbook as a classic example of overreach. Perhaps in a book on zealotry as well.
  9. The president made clear that 2010 would be the recovery summer.  He pivoted to jobs as unemployment target-capped at 8% exceeded 10%.  So what exactly did all that stimulus money do then?  Nada, unless you count crippling debt for the country as an accomplishment.
  10. There was an oil spill that caught Obama like a deer in the headlights.  He wanted to look tough but he was helpless.  The press had his back though. His reaction was to stop offshore drilling and support it in Brazil instead. Nice work.
  11. He appointed two liberal female Supreme Court justices.  Liberalism from the bench will go undiminished for some time.  Wonderful.  Judicial overreach is not yet a thing of the past.
  12. Speaking of overreach, the EPA has gone mad with power and regulation.  It's far from accidental.
That's not a robust overview, but it should catch up the terminally unaware who represent those who still support the president in some polls.

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