September 27, 2011

Wonderful, under-appreciated linkage.

Check out these great links:

Opinipundit on the North Carolina governor's suspension of democracy. Oh, it's real.

Fredd says Fair Schmair, Obama's class warfare.

Robbing America discusses the dangers of the Republican debates.  I hope this is wrong.

JoeTote has an example for everyone to follow.

Gonzalo Lira - copper's price spells really bad news.

Super-Economy - there's a heated (?) battle discussion underway on ethnic diversity and the size of government.

What We Think and Why - Is Cain Able?

Bread Upon the Waters talks shoes.  I wonder if they are nonsensible.

A Conservative Teacher defends Perry on the Florida debate.

Western Hero laments Obama's scorched earth campaign.

Bonsai from the Right - "Hey Obama, hook us up."

Adam Smith Institute to Paul Krugman - Ireland's got 99 problems but austerity ain't one.

And finally, A Cop's Watch provides a moron update.

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