September 26, 2011

Improbable Political Thriller

If I were writing a political drama something I'd consider writing about a political primary to keep it interesting would be to have a continuing series of headline grabbers one after the other that were worth a chapter and then fizzled out one by one.
Chapter 1: Mike Huckabee declines to run.
Chapter 2: Romney becomes the de facto poll leader of the GOP field. 
Chapter 3: Donald Trump decides he's a Republican, surges in the polls and runs doesn't run. 
Chapter 4: Michele Bachmann wins the Iowa straw poll.
Chapter 5: Rick Perry enters and Bachmann fades away.
Chapter 6: Perry falters in a few debates and looks like he's fading.
Chapter 7: Herman Cain surges.
Chapter 8: Chris Christie thinks about jumping in after flatly stating he's not running.
Chapter 9: Chris Christie surges and fades like Perry.
Chapter 10: Sarah Palin makes her decision to run. 
Chapter 11: Here's where I get stuck - I can't think of a logical ending.
Now that seems like a pretty improbable political thriller.  Implausible even.  Except that's what seems to have happened up to about Chapter 8.  It's been an improbably season but even the prologue is absurd.  Obama started with massive approval and blew it horrifically, even with a fawning press.

Politics is stranger than fiction.

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