September 21, 2011

American spirit witnessed

I'm back home after a business trip to North Carolina.  It's a beautiful state.  I was in Cary (outside of Raleigh) and it's almost as if the city is set down in the middle of a National Park.  I've really missed posting.  I had trouble connecting to the hotel's WiFi and even if I could the two days I was there were so busy that by the time I got back to the hotel room, I didn't have the energy to write or even check the news.  But I'm back now after a busy day at the office trying to catch up.

One thing that struck me while I was in Cary was that certain businesses seem to be resistant to recessions, and apparently I'm in one of them.  The business climate there seemed vibrant and energetic.  There was no sense of America's best days being in the past.  There was no sense that the economy was never going to recover.  What I saw was American spirit and ability.  That's something that transcends politics and it was quite refreshing to see that spirit on display.  It provides hope in a far more tangible way that a mere slogan.

Seeing what I witnessed in Cary, I know that America is not a lost nation or a lost cause.  There's too much human capital, too much intellectual capital, and too much spirit for that to be the case.  There will be a comeback, of that I'm certain.

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