September 12, 2011

CNN - Tea Party Express GOP Debate thoughts

The discussion around Social Security being a ponzi scheme is a healthy one but you can see in the CNN coverage that smart Republicans have to ensure that whenever they talk about it nothing can be taken out of context.  Every sentence has to include the points that it is future based reform (no one in the system will be displaced), that it is only about saving the concept of social security from ruinous failure and Social Security for no one.  Once you figure out how to distill all that down to 11 words, let me know.


At 10:17 EST, CNN in it's truth-o-meter claimed Rick Perry was false in his assertion that the first stimulus under Obama created zero jobs.  CNN reverted to  the CBO's estimate that 1.4 million to 3 million jobs were "created or saved".  The fact that they would even consider scoring jobs saved is a ridiculous and disqualifying assertion.  That meme disappeared in 2010.  That it was presented as being more factual than Perry's assertion is in itself misleading.  While it's not surprising, it is still disappointing.


It will be interesting to see if Bachmann's attack of Perry on vaccination and the implications a of government mandate gains traction.  I think it will require more repetition to move the needle on Perry.  I also think it's an important question that requires a better answer than Perry gave.


Speaking of which, I'm completely unsold on Governor Perry.  In 1988, he apparently endorsed Al Gore, and of course he used to be a Democrat.  That in itself is no crime but I think I'm justified in feeling squishy on him, or at least unsold.  On immigration he needs to better explain himself than he has as well as the Bachmann question on vaccination and then there's the next point.


While Perry did better than the previous debate, and he held his own, he is not the debater that Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich are.  The latter two came off as the most polished and while neither one has my endorsement, both are best positioned to run circles around President Obama in a head to head debate.  Gingrich will not be the nominee, and Romney isn't very soft on conservatism despite his concerted effort to run to the right in the primaries.  Perry has a lot of work to do to get more prepared for some tougher debates, especially when there are far fewer people on the stage.


The best take on Perry's taxes came from Ron Paul.  It was both funny and poignant.  I don't think Paul is electable either but despite pundits' expectations, I think he will become much more polished as the debates go on.


Michele Bachmann did better than the previous debate, but I don't know if she did well enough.

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  1. Social Security:

    I wish Perry (and others) would actually articulate why he think it is a Ponzi scheme. I'm 31, from my perspective it looks like one.

    1) I pay now so that someone else can have a benefit now
    2) I am promised a benefit later
    3) I can no longer get a statement with estimated benefits because the best they can do is tell me that by the time I retire SS will only be 75% funded
    4) The only way to pay my grandparents' generation and my parents' generation what they were [over]promised is to tax me more or cut my future benefit

    If SS is meant to be insurance against complete poverty, it needs to be restructured. I'll gladly accept a lower future benefit if I can keep more of my money now.

    If SS is meant to be a retirement replacement, (we always hear about how seniors depend their checks to survive) people need to pay much more now.

    That debate never happens. It's always about keeping Seniors voting. My generation doesn't vote reliably so no politician cares.


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