September 6, 2011

Coming Soon - Candidate Viability

I was planning on providing some thoughts on a number of different elements regarding the GOP candidate field.  A long time ago I provided a candidate review on the top GOP candidates post 2008 (early 2009 actually).  The landscape has certainly changed, but the factors in assessing a candidate really haven't.  They come down to foreign policy, economic policy, social policy, experience and whether the candidate is electable. This time I'm going to do the comparisons issue by issue rather than assessing each candidate on all the issues as a candidate-standalone.  The comparisons will be head-to-head by issue.

Keeping in mind this is another checkpoint, and simply my own personal opinion on each of the categories I will be assessing the candidates on each of the metrics this week.  However, it will be worth it at this point to wait until after the Thursday night debate as it will undoubtedly provide some insight into each of the parameters for the candidates (though not in an exhaustive fashion).

Upcoming topics

Looking ahead I'll be approaching the metrics in the following order:

Friday - Experience
Saturday - Economic plans
Sunday - Foreign policy
Monday - Social policy
Tuesday - Electoral viability
Wednesday - I'll tie the results together into a summarized prospect for each candidate.

This Thursday will be devoted to the Presidential non-event on jobs provided it doesn't interfere with the NFL season opener. Honestly, I mean that without sarcasm, which is a bad sign for the president because I'm sure a lot of people feel the same way.  I'm a political junkie and if I can't be too bothered by commenting on his speech, imagine how much the non-political-junkies are thinking about the speech.  My estimation is that it is pretty close to zero and it won't change post-speech..

Speaking of which, later today I will be posting about the two remaining scenarios around what Obama's speech will entail and what it means for the GOP America and 2012.  Having said it's a non-event, stay tuned anyway - there are still political implications to it.

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