October 17, 2010

Sunday Reading

Reading.  Good stuff.
Some quality reading for Sunday, is linked to below.  Reading is never a bad thing, as long as you read with both an open mind AND a healthy dose of skepticism and questioning of the absolute veracity of what you read.

NOW What?  Jerry Brown gets the endorsement of the National Organization of Women despite unflattering comments out of the Brown campaign against his opponent Meg Whitman.  As much as I dislike Nancy Pelosi, I would never consider using that type of language to describe her.  Clueless would suffice.

Lest Republicans think a few tax cuts will keep the people happy, King Shamus suggests they think again.

Meanwhile, Paul is still frustrated over Democrat "stupidity" (his word, not mine.  I'm sticking with clueless...).  Bottom line, he catches a number of liberal obfuscations (that's lies for those of you who are clueless).  You gotta love Paul, he's not afraid to word things how he really feels about them.

Rasmussen is predicting that the GOP will win 55 seats in the House.  Hello 1994.  What's interesting is the Clinton campaign for Clinton that seems to be underway. Are the Clinton's using Obama's distance from the electorate as an excuse for a primary challenge in 2012?  Bill Clinton lost 54 seats in 1994.  I guess he felt he should have faced a Democrat primary challenge in 1996.

Nancy Pelosi, as An Ol' Broad points out, is the Queen of Clueless (see, I told you that was the worst I'd say). Full Disclosure: I have called her uncool too.

SecularStupidest ponders Constitutions and those who usurp them.  An interesting comparison involving China's Constitution.

Janeane Garofalo in hiding?  Come on out and call us racist idiots again. Please. Sorry, no link, but do you really want one for that?

Legal Insurrection asks how long has this been going on? He's talking about candidate Maurice Hinchey assaulting a reporter, not the song by ACE.  My answer?  At least this long.

Western Hero on the View from crazy land.  Why would the left think ranting and raving and demonizing is going to help their cause on November 2nd?  Probably because it's all they've really got.  No one is falling for the economic lies anymore.  Politicians are being held accountable, and Democrats aren't used to that.


  1. Thank you very much for the linkage. I appreciate it. Glad you dug the piece.

    Just out of curiosity, how did you find my blog?

  2. Via http://annoytheleft.wordpress.com/

    I finally got around to checking out some of his links. He hasn't posted in a while so I started looking around a bit more and noticed the links and tried them.

    Your blog is a good read, I like what I have read.

  3. Well, first off AnnoyTheLeft is a rad blogger.

    Second, thank you very much for the compliment. There's some strong work going on here.


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