October 21, 2010

Juan Williams fired. Liberal intimidation extends to the left too.

Everyone on the right side of the blogosphere has already talked about this. I'm not going to be the first to offer this opinion but I think it bears repetition.

While I typically disagree with Juan Williams, his firing for expressing a personal feeling was wrong and he has been done an injustice.

There. I said it. I'm not leaping to his defense because NPR is a very liberal organization and Juan Williams supposedly said something politically incorrect. I'm not leaping to his defense because he said it on Fox news. His firing was simply wrong. It is ironic that conservatives are coming to his defense and liberals seem to be happy he's gone because he went off the p.c. reservation. That's not universally true of liberals, I should add.

But my point is that unlike many other liberals who go on Fox, Juan tried to operate with journalistic integrity. His comments were typically well phrased and reasonably thought out. Definitely liberal, and 99% of the time I disagreed. But I respected, even prior to last night, how he operated. No name calling, no denigrating (that I saw), and talking based on facts instead of p.c. emotion.

Shut down free speech, even on the left, liberal elite? Just before the election too? People are onto you. Dumb move.

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