October 20, 2010

Quick note on the President's ditch

Is it just me or do the President's two most commonly referenced metaphors of late not go together in some way?

1. The Republicans drove the car into the ditch.

2. There are a bunch of shovel ready projects for the ARRA stimulus (or - oops, shovel ready doesn't mean what I thought it meant).

Ditch+shovel+President Obama? Make your own punchlines.


  1. Remember way back when the national media said this buffoon was the smartest president that we ever had?

    And Al Gore was simply TOO smart to be president.

    Methinks that there must be a meme starting here.

  2. 1. There are plenty of smart people I wouldn't trust to run government.

    2. Not everyone labelled smart really is smart.

    3. Al Gore is so smart he should be doing nothing.

  3. Dean, I think that the media doesn't know what "smart" means.

    And Al Gore flunked out of divinity school. That is amazing to me.

  4. It's no wonder he flunked out, Al Gore has a different religion.


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