October 30, 2010

NPR, Nina Totenberg - Wait, what now?!

Hypocrisy alert: NPR is okay with firing Juan Williams because he's afraid of getting on an airplane when there are visibly Muslim-garbed people on his flight, even though Juan himself recognized this fear as an issue in the same comment. But Nina Totenberg, she of the hope that Jesse Helms' grandchildren get AIDS, steps in it again and I guarantee you she won't get called on this one either.

From Newsbusters, on Inside Washington there's the following exchange, discussing a Republican takeover of the House.
GORDON PETERSON: Nina, columnist Paul Krugman says if the election goes as expected, his advice is be afraid, be very afraid. Should we take his advice?

NINA TOTENBERG, NPR: I am already afraid, very afraid. I mean, it’s not like governance has been going great. I think we’ll, I don't know whether I should be afraid, but there will be gridlock.
So here's the extreme hypocrisy, assuming she doesn't get fired: It's not okay to be afraid of Muslims on a flight, that's a firing offense. But it's okay to be afraid of conservatives governing, or in general, because they're just bad people. Is that not the same supposed blanket statement that got Juan Williams fired? I'm just asking.

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