October 8, 2010

Another Presidential Advisor Bites the Dust. Hmmm.

The President's National Security Advisor is stepping down. General James Jones was expected to have a short shelf life anyway. But the hastening of the departure raises questions.

The story is here: http://nymag.com/daily/intel/2010/10/president_obamas_national_secu.html

Is this another instance of abandoning a sinking ship? The article raises the question of the Woodward book and possible comments from Jones. Is it a forced resignation? Is the President that thin skinned that he would let someone go at a politically inconvenient moment? Talk about bad timing. This sends an abandon ship signal, exactly the opposite of what the President needs to do as he tries to rally his base for the midterms. Good news for conservatives.

What other reason could be for this? Pure speculation, but could it be in relation to an October surprise that involves an attack on Iran? General Jones perhaps disagreed with it.

Aside from the geopolitical implications for America, Jones is not known to be a friend of Israel.


It is possible he doesn't want to see them helped, or he'd rather see them blamed than America for a strike at Iran's nuclear program.

Whatever the case, the timing is just plain odd.

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