October 26, 2010

Helping Out Thomas Foley

In Connecticut, Thomas Foley is running for governor and is within 4% of of Democrat candidate Dan Malloy.  Foley could use your help.  According to Rasmussen;
The race has tightened since late September when Malloy held a 10-point lead. Earlier this month, he held a narrower 49% to 44% edge over Foley. In surveys dating back to May, Malloy has consistently been the front-runner, with support ranging from 38% to 50%. Foley, in those same surveys, has earned 33% to 45% of the vote.
Thomas Foley deserves your support.  Simply put, here's why;

He understands that jobs are the most important issue right now.

And Dan Malloy, his opponent, is focused on green energy stuff. Why now Dan?

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