October 27, 2010

Helping Out Allen West

Allen West is such a stand out candidate there is no reason this should be a swing race.  Yet FL-22 is listed as a swing race by RealClearPolitics.  Things look to be going Mr. West's way, but with 2 polls and 2 leaders there's no reason to lighten up on the throttle at this point.  Allen West needs your help to bring this district home for America.

Why vote for West?  There's this;

And this;

And reason to eschew his opponent, Klein;


  1. Go West Go!

    This dude seems like he wouldn't take a lot of leftist bullcrap, that's for sure.

    That and Klein is pure unadulterated fail.

  2. I just can't see West losing, or for that matter coasting to the finish line, but his supporters need to be sure they stay with him right through it.


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