October 25, 2010

Take a hint America!

Well, at least liberal America.  The city of Toronto Canada, a very liberal city, has elected a conservative mayor tonight.  In particular, coming off of a socialist mayor, they've elected a fiscally conservative mayor.  And he won handily, despite polls calling the race getting very tight in the last week.
TORONTO (Reuters) - Toronto voters on Monday elected conservative Rob Ford as mayor of Canada's biggest city, tilting away from their recent liberal leanings and opting for his platform of small government, fewer taxes and big spending cuts.

Ford, a suburban city councilor and businessman, defeated George Smitherman, a former Liberal Party deputy premier of Toronto's province of Ontario. Ford was victorious on a platform that promised to "stop the gravy train at City Hall."

Ford drew 47 percent of the vote, compared to Smitherman's 35 percent, with no other candidate getting more than 12 percent, according to official vote tallies.

"People just kept telling me ... you're the only one that I trust that can get this City Hall spending under control," Ford, who was supported by provincial and federal Conservative Party figures, said on local television following his victory.
If Toronto Canada is doing that, if Britain is trending conservative and France and Germany are inching in that direction, what dynamic is left for the left? I'm not getting overconfident, but I'm feeling a wave election for Congress this midterm.

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