October 13, 2010

Is Today The October Surprise Day?

Just about everyone thinks that there is some big October surprise coming from Democrats this month. That is in addition to a bunch of mini-October-surprises. I don't know if the Democrats have anything they can pull out this year, but far be it from me to say they won't try. After all, the villain-du-jour approach has largely fallen flat. Firing up the base has had only limited success, if any. The base has already been reduced to a husk of far left liberals at this point, the lost voters from the middle are the ones he should have been courting all along, with less far left policies in a center-right country. Of course that didn't fit with his agenda, so that approach is already long lost.

Is an October surprise imminent? I don't know if something is coming, but if it is, a day like today could very well be the day. It's a relatively slow news day. That's perfect for some supposed bombshell to unleash on Republicans. The thing is, it's probably a little early in the cycle to drop the big one. Doing something now gives Republicans a chance to counter the argument.  Remember in 2000 the Bush drunk-driving alert that came late in the game?  The best time it would seem is in the last week.  I've been a firm believer that in politics, having the last word makes a big difference.  Then again, the trends have been so Republican-friendly of late, they might need more than just a week if they want to turn things around.  Every day that passes is one less day the Democrats have a chance to turn things around.

I'm no expert at  political dirty pool, but it just seems a little too quiet today.

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