October 4, 2010

Liberals Cut and Run, Again

This is more an observation than anything else. Rumors are circulating (Politico) that White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs may be headed to the role of Chairman of the DNC. This after Rahm Emmanuel and Others have resigned their positions.

Is this a pre-mid-term cabinet shuffle or is an abandon ship movement? With the Democrats expected to be anything from beaten to resoundingly crushed, it makes sense that liberals might want to get out when the getting is good. Why do I think that? With everything from Iraq to figuring out how to deal with Social Security financing the liberal strategy can be generously called one of avoidance. A better way of putting it is cut and run. Liberals can't do the tough work and that's why you are seeing departures. Sure they talk a good game, but when it comes to rolling up their sleeves and battling, only a few like Emmanuel have the fortitude to fight. The rest either hide or have to have their arms twisted (see: Health Care vote).

With Rahm gone it's easier for others to leave. And why stick around when the going gets rough and you have to deal with a Republican Congress whose arms you can't twist? Gibbs departure is no surprise in that light. In fact, I'd expect more.

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