September 18, 2021

That's it, you're in this world now

Have you ever thought about weaponizing language the way the Left does?  They do it all the time, as if it were a hobby.  Everyone except American patriots have done it.  China does it as evidenced in the first section of the below report:

So why are we not doing it?  This is part of the political battlefield we exist within.  In his Rules For Radicals, Leftist Saul Alinsky suggested the following: RULE 4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

Here's one example that I've often wondered about.  When those on the left complain about being  "triggered", they are using a word heavily related to guns.  So "triggered" should be a trigger word for them.  Call them on it.  In fact, why not go one step further and suggest an alternative.  Then suggest the alternative because you are the one controlling what it might be.  How about instead of "triggered" maybe they should say something like "bothered".  If they see your point and start using that, you've effectively marginalized the impact of the trigger event and indeed the whole notion of triggering.  When someone says "that bothers me" it doesn't carry as much weight as "I've been triggered".

In fact the phrase "bother words" instead of "trigger words" sounds ridiculous and minimizes entirely the extent of the concern, putting it on a level it deserves to be. "I said something politically that bothers you?  So what?"

Their immediate acceptance of the idea that the phrase "trigger words" is in itself trigger words, gives us the opportunity to replace it with something belittling of the notion that they may not even immediately realize. But only if we have that alternative suggestion at the ready.

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