September 19, 2021

The best Canadian candidate (who won't win)

With the Canadian election tomorrow and the Liberal Party's mysterious late resurgence in the polls vs. the Conservative Party, I thought I'd share a video with an interview with the leader of the underdog People's Party of Canada (the closest thing we have to Trump).  

In a comment on a YouTube post I mentioned I thought it was a wasted vote to support a party with only ~6% support in the polls (which may be a mirror of that U.S. guy with a 17% lead over president Trump in 2020).  Unfortunately I still believe that's true, but Maxime Bernier is a smart guy and he should have been chosen as the leader of the Conservative Party rather than the current leader.  His positions make the most sense.  Rather than just giving him and his newer party short shrift, I thought it would be beneficial to share his interview by Jordan Peterson. 

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