September 20, 2021

It's just a COVID question; no cancelling allowed

I find myself asking why the unending COVID scare is becoming unending.  Is the virus mutating faster than we can keep up?  Possibly but I don't think that's it.  Neither is it that deaths from COVID are unsustainable for humanity globally.  But lockdowns and masks and vaccine mandates persist and ramp  up time and again.


Could it have something to do with the fact that the same party that  unilaterally foisted Obamacare on America is trying to use the pandemic to foist single payer (government) health insurance on the entire nation?  Are they trying to leverage the pandemic to evolve a scenario where centralized health care appears to be the only option? As the pandemic drags into towards a second full year, the administration that promised a quick end with the supposedly "nothing to do with Trump" vaccines available, is continuing to up the COVID problem with intense hysteria-generating hype and illegal mandates.  


Who benefits from COVID mutations and continuing lockdowns and mandates?  Mostly nobody.  But Big Pharma does.  And Democrats do too but only under certain conditions.  Continued use of the pandemic pits one leftist (Rahm Emmanuel) rule "Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste" against another leftist Alinsky Rule "A tactic that goes on too long becomes a drag".  Two years of COVID hysteria are a drag to everyone, leftist foe and ally alike.  They risk losing support from their base by dragging this on to long.  So what's the potential upside?  If they can nationalize health care, they can achieve a longtime socialist goal as well as regain, likely even up the level of support from their base of support.

But how?

It's going to be argued as the only financially viable option, as this obscenely progressivist Newsweek article, full of erroneous arguments claims:

When the benefits of one country's investments in public goods spill over into other countries, international coordination is needed. When these spillovers are global—as is the case with pandemic preparedness and early response—this international coordination must be global.

The same principles should hold to payments—contributions should be universal and progressive. All countries that benefit, which is to say all countries, should pay something. Countries with the largest and most open economies should pay the most—both because they are able and because they gain the most in economic terms from pandemic prevention.

Not only are they haphazardly arguing for nationalized health care, but rather globalized health care, at least relative to pandemics, with richer countries like the U.S. paying a disproportionate share of the global cost.

Is this what you progressives really want? 

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