September 1, 2021

Project Veritas exposes ultra-left teachers. Now what?

 Fox News covers the story:

I don't think anyone is surprised anymore that this garbage is being dumped on children. What surprises me is that not moe is being done about it. Parental outrage it seems, is not enough to create real change in the schools or even the school boards. The only thing that might work is economic pressure.

Perhaps collectively withholding municipal property tax until something is done could have an effect for example. Maybe not. But more needs to be done across the nation, at a local or state level to get this sort of anti-American behavior to stop being taught to children as some sort of moral good. It's the exact opposite and you know it. Unless you help put real pressure on school boards, teachers' unions, schools  and teachers, this is not only going to keep happening, it will keep getting worse until it's too late to save the Republic.

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