September 20, 2021

BLM as useful idiots?

Black Conservative Perspective makes an interesting suggestion about using Black Lives Matter (BLM) over their reaction to a New York City restaurant incident, as useful idiots to show that vaccination passports are causing division in America. I've argued for this approach myself in my Rules For Patriots (Rule #9). But it's tricky because BLM clearly wants to portray this as a racially motivated incident. 

However leftist policies have not just unintended consequences, but seriously dangerous ones; they are promoting racial division at the same time creating ridiculous COVID policies that facilitate further division, creating an amplification effect.  This is setting up a liberal versus liberal altercation wherein it might just be better to stand back and let the left eat itself instead of stepping into the fray. Additionally, you are putting a business that has been squeezed by Democrat COVID regulations and lockdowns, trying to comply with mandates just to stay in business into further jeopardy if you enable BLM in order to point out how asinine liberal policies actually are.  So are they just collateral damage in the bigger picture? Even if Carmine's is run by ultra-leftists (and I don't know that it is), conservatism is about protecting the little guy in the face of an overbearing government.  They shouldn't just be dismissed as collateral damage.

Lastly, I am 99% certain that BLM won't turn this into a vaccine passport issue, because for them it's a race issue.  They will focus on that.

All that said, they can still be useful idiots.  In fact they already are.  You are going to have ultra-liberal NYC prosecuting three black women, and BLM fighting them on it.  Either way, a leftist liberal body is going to lose this fight) and it doesn't matter which one it is because they are spending time and treasure fighting each other.  My biggest hope in this case is that the fight drags on for a long time, costs a lot for all involved (except the restaurant) and derails as much as possible on both sides.

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