September 4, 2021

Red Tide, maybe?

 Red Eagle Politics on the chances of the Republicans re-taking the senate in 2022.


  1. Smart money says the GOP will LOSE seats next year....because the left OWNS the "election machinery" and has the ability to make ballots appear or disappear AS THEY WISH. They STOLE the White House last year and NOBODY WENT TO JAIL for that crime. Do you REALLY believe they aren't going to expand upon that ability to cheat? No....the ugly reality is TINVOWOOT.
    There will NEVER be an honest election again in this country under the current paradigm. And changing that current paradigm will require essentially a civil war with a LOT of bloodshed and violence. Of course even if we don't have a civil war there will be blood. Because once the commie left cements their grasp on power they will do what EVERY commie government that has gained power in the past has done....MURDERED unarmed citizens by the millions.

  2. I hear what you are saying Dan, I completely feel your frustration at this, but I have to disagree with your assessment, at least as far as the solution. While voting doesn't really matter if the cheating continues (and grows), enough people have finally been awakened to the problem that things are already being done now to fix it. We are only near the beginning of the road of fixing the problem but progress has been made.

    Calling for a civil war will only weaken the nation and encourage actions from outside (China, Russia) that will further harm American security while a civil war rages on. It's short term thinking.

    The answer in shifting the paradigm, is to disable the left's playbook by being smarter than them so that they cannot warp the electoral process, or peoples' minds with false ideas. In essence they have been fighting a cold civil war for decades. While we need to drastically increase our efforts, bloodshed is not the answer.

    The answer is to engage politically at every level, especially local and state levels, to require transparency, demand answers for things like CRT being taught in schools, and hold both elected officials and any other government employee accountable for their actions by demanding people be fired or recalled for dereliction of duty. And it must be done in numbers sufficient to matter. It's more work, but it will work.

    This is a harder and longer road, but it is the right one.


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