September 22, 2021

The cult of vaccination, and the death of the Republic

I've always thought anti-vaxxers were nuts.  Measles vaccinations work. Polio vaccines worked, smallpox vaccines worked.  And even thought it is impressive that they were able to come up with a vaccine so quickly (under president Trump's push to do so), the FDA usually takes years of testing before approving a drug.  They didn't do that this time in the rush to address the "COVID crisis". Insufficient testing and approval leads to problems. You want an example? I give you Thalidomide. So have I become an anti-vaxxer? No.  But I am highly suspicious of both the efficacy of the COVID vaccines and the potential side effects (both short term and especially long term).  I haven't had my shot yet.  I'm letting the woke crowd be the human lab rats.  Maybe I'll take it in a few years if nobody sprouts extra limbs.

I've also become an alarmist on the whole vaccine passport notion, and I think very justifiably so. The extended lockdowns were bad enough, damaging economies and lives, with little critical thinking into the the idea that the cure may be worse than the disease.  Faith in "The Science" has become it's own religion or rather a cult. Those who do not believe are ridiculed.  That's a cult. Those who disagree or ask questions are disparaged and punished.  That's a cult.  Those who follow blindly or are willingly brainwashed are praised and rewarded with being allowed to continue their jobs and not starve to death and/or become homeless. That's a cult.

This is what happens with cults:

COVID doomsayers who love "The Science" have become a cult.  And it's a foolish cult at that; science is not meant to become policy and beyond that, "The Science" is clearly not complete or settled when it comes to COVID. Jordan Peterson discusses just that with Steven Crowder.

Project Veritas has started a new undercover sting, this time on insiders on COVID.  This is my biggest concern, science happening (in this case human deaths or dangerous side effects) and reporting on that being stifled. It's like they want you take the vaccine and they don't care if they have to lie to you to do so.  How can you make an informed decision if you hide truthful information from you?

And if they can lie about this, if they can lie to our faces about the failures of the Afghanistan withdrawal they can lie to us about anything. They can lie to us about what happened on January 6th, 2020 at the Capitol.  They can lie about who won the 2020 election.  Anything

The American Republic, the one and only bastion of true individual liberty in the history of the world, is on the precipice of becoming just another authoritarian regime. As a non-American, I implore you - do not let this happen to your country. You are better than this.

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