September 22, 2021

Comic books and how to cancel cancel culture

I've never been a big comic book fan, and don't pretend to know the industry. But this video caught my eye and I watched it, and there's a lesson to be learned from it.

Let me preface the video by observing that in an age of increasing competition from video games and anime as well as the younger generation not reading as much as previous generations in pursuit of those other types of entertainment, the comic book industry was bound to lose ground.  But here's the thing, when that happens, you have to get better at your craft, not worse.  It appears the comic industry has doubled down on wokeness instead, putting that ahead of good storytelling.  From a progressive perspective I get it; get them young and brainwash them into your cult.  But thankfully that will not succeed long term because you are shutting down industry after industry in doing so.  People will look elsewhere for their entertainment instead of being lectured to by idiots.

The lesson here has to do with how to cancel cancel culture. If you don't like something, don't buy it, don't support it.  Change the channel.  Many on the right are loath to support the idea of boycotts because it's cancel culture and there is something fundamentally wrong with cancelling someone's livelihood just because you disagree with them.  Disagreement is fundamental to a free society, and that's what the Left really want to cancel; no disagreement means no liberty.  Why play that game?

But building parallel societies is a form of indirect cancellation. We'll use GETTR or  Parler and get off of Twitter. That is in effect causing Twitter to begin to wither and die.  Of course it's no longer our fault because as they double down on thought policing their product, they grow smaller by degree each time. Just as those fed up with woke comic books buy retro comic books instead, or turn to video games or sports or something else to take it's place, you cancel cancel culture not by engaging it but by building a strong, healthy and appealing alternative.  It's like that old saw that says you attract more flies with honey than vinegar, except it's not flies you are attracting, it's minds.

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