September 30, 2021

Whistleblowers not allowed.

Russell Brand continues his red pill journey.  Brand is no conservative, but when you compare his latest content with say the insane rantings of Joy Behar, he's clearing moving towards sensibility at least.


As I commented in the comments section for this video, 
Great post, 1 correction though: "There is never a party standing for election that says we don't do stuff like that...we're gonna end lobbying..." Does drain the swamp ring a bell? President Trump tried to change the way Washington worked and was beset on all sides to try and stop him from succeeding. Yet many Republicans tried to stand with him to do it. His presidency was a wasted golden opportunity for America. Thanks mainstream media for killing it, great job there.
Now set that aside, whistleblowers are being jailed.  Doesn't that ring a massive number of alarm bells for you?

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