September 24, 2021

NFL virtue signaling hypocrisy called out

Comedian Bill Burr makes the connection and roasts the NFL or the hypocrisy of their hollow virtue signaling:

Many of these supposedly woke corporations are only in this for the virtue signaling, and in most cases it's a matter of "...don't come after me next!" It's fake. It's hypocrisy in the case of the NFL.

And the solution is not to destroy these corporations as Marxists would have you do.  The solution is to leave politics at the door and let sports be sports.  Let music be music.  Let movies be movies.  Just movies.  They don't need to lecture us.  They are there to entertain, well at least they are supposed to be.  But the left has infected pretty much every part of the culture.  They may be driving us all back to doing more outdoor activities as our only means of escape from their tripe.  Maybe that's not such a bad thing.

Kudos once again to Bill Burr for calling this out.  He's not afraid to not be woke. That's what we need as a role model.

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