August 31, 2020

Top 10 things you don't hear about the 2016 election

The Top 10 things you don't hear about the 2016 election:

10. Republican congressional candidates got a higher percentage of the popular vote than Democratic candidates in 2016 (in total - 63,422,020 votes R to 62,315,293 votes D)

9.  Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump in the 2016 election popular vote by 2.8 million votes.  If you removed California, Donald Trump won the rest of the country by 1.4 million votes. Hillary Clinton in other words, beat president Trump by 4.2 million votes in California, a state with little Republican presence, ensuring Democrats will always run up the vote tally there.

8. If Donald Trump had gotten all the votes that were cast for Libertarian Gary Johnson and conservative independent Evan McMullin, and Hillary Clinton had gotten the votes for Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Donald Trump would have beaten Hillary Clinton in the popular vote 68.2 million to 67.3 million.

7. Democrats did not get more than 50% of the popular vote in Colorado (the only years in recent history that they did were Obama's 2 terms), Georgia (1992 was the last time), Maine, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina (even Obama did not beat 50% there) or Virginia.  While some of this may have been due to Hillary Clinton's unlikeability, there also seems to be a ceiling for Democrats in some of these states.

6. Despite two supposedly very unpopular candidates, there were only 4 states where the presidential vote was less than that of the house or senate vote in that state - Hawaii, Kentucky, Louisiana and Montana.

5. In California, 100% of the votes cast for senate in 2016 were for Democratic candidates.

4. In Senate race votes in 2016, In 12 Democratic (blue) states, Democrats won the popular vote 61.4% to 33.5%. In 16 Republican (red) states, Republicans won the popular vote 60.3% to 33.1%, almost identical ratios.

3. In Senate race votes in 2016 in 10 battleground (toss-up/purple) states, Republicans won the popular vote 50.1% to 45.8%.

2. 10 million more votes were cast for Democratic senate candidates than Republican candidates but in California there were ZERO votes cast for Republicans and yet 12.2 million votes cast for the senate race. Honestly California - why vote if it's only going to be for one party?

1. President Trump won.

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