August 27, 2020

CNN comes late to the party. Is it enough?

CNN host Don Lemon admits Democrats are losing site of the real picture, black people don't want the police defunded, and implies that the protests are riots.  What gives?   After months of denying the truth, is the electoral reality creeping in at CNN?  Do they realize they have to take a different stance in order for electoral victories this fall?  Maybe.  But will it be enough?

There's a danger for Republicans if Democrats begin talking sensibly about the state of the nation.  Of course the change in tone, the change in rhetoric so close to the election will, and should be regarded cynically as a ploy to win votes, not an actual change in the progressive belief system.  Democrats have moved so far left that any turn back towards the center is likely doomed to fail, even if it is temporary.

But Republicans, should this trickle up to Joe Biden and congressional Democrats, can always argue the flip-flop.  They can always argue that they realized this first and Democrats are just pandering to the middle class or middle America for votes and they are being disingenuous.

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