August 11, 2020

Want to see authoritarianism in action?

Stop saying it's Trump, look at the Chinese Communist Party.  This is the type of government ANTIFA types want in America:

So many people do not understand the garbage they are supporting - that means not only leftist progressives who excuse anything that happens in countries like China but also people who unwittingly support unfettered globalism and have, through their own ignorance, allowed China to usurp every other country's production and industrial base.

Don't be blind to it or else you are part of the problem.  You are an enabler, both at home and internationally.  Do not allow this to continue.  Buy American.  Support local business.  Stand up for your country and your flag and the beliefs of the country's founders.  They are not evil beliefs, they are right.  Don't keep that notion to yourself.  Share it with those who doubt.  Explain it to them, or guide them to others who can do so if you do not feel qualified for the task.  And if you feel unqualified, educate yourself so that it becomes easier next time.

America is facing an existential threat to its existence and its guiding principles.  If you do not defend it, you do not deserve it.  Then maybe if we, as humanity, are luckily it will be born again someplace else in the future.  But don't count on it.

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