August 6, 2020

Sally Yates throws James Comey under the bus

It looks more and more like the jig is up on the Democrat-media-complex phony Trump-Russia collusion scandal.  As the Senate investigates what happened and why, and as the Bill Barr and John Durham investigations have entered the criminal investigation phase it really seems like everyone is abandoning ship to save themselves.  But they seem to be doing so in a coordinated way; that is, to blame former FBI Director James Comey as the rogue agent who was the lawbreaker in the scheme. Everyone else was acting in good faith based on falsehoods generated by Comey.

To be clear, James Comey was a bad actor and a scumbag who betrayed his position, his agency and his country. But that alone does not exonerate everyone else. Hopefully the trail that leads inevitably to Comey does not abruptly end there.


  1. liberals have a severe mental disorder. They eff up everything they touch. They lie about everything. Obama almost destroyed America and proved he was the most corrupt president in American history! Lie, cheat, and smear people that's what they're all about. Obama's legacy is spying on the Trump administration, treason in other words

    1. The really sad part about it is that for decades, that approach has worked for them. Maybe enough people have woken up to it now. I hope so.


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