August 20, 2020

Trump disavows Bannon

Steve Bannon was arrested today for wire fraud - basically embezzling funds for a Build The Wall GoFundMe effort.  I get why the president has taken this position but just as the NY AG is trying to disband the NRA this close to the election, this is a ploy to (a) fund raise for Democrats and  (b) take Steve Bannon out of the picture for the 2020 election.

My guess is that this prosecution will go nowhere in the end, because it's a political ploy, just like the Russia collusion hoax.  I don't have any inside information but it is just suspicious to me.  In fact they are claiming the arrest took place aboard a Chinese registered yacht.  As if Bannon owned it or is colluding with China and therefore so is president Trump - who happens to be out of communication with Bannon.  It doesn't matter, because the smear is what's important to Democrats right now.

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