August 18, 2020

President Trump is indeed playing 4D chess

President Trump just announced a major pardon.  It wasn't General Flynn, Roger Stone or Julian Assange.  It was Susan B. Anthony, who is in fact, dead. She was a champion of women's suffrage.  But president Trump in in pardoning her posthumously accomplishes two things; (1) he looks like he supports enfranchising voters rather than disenfranchising them like the left is trying to claim he is doing by showing concerns with mail-in voting and (2) he counters the attacks he will inevitably have to make on Kamala Harris being made to seem sexist and he can argue that his attacks are about her record not her gender.  After all, there has been over 100 years to pardon Susan B. Anthony.  Nobody did it.  Nobody.  Until president Trump did.

And as a bonus, Tim Pool points out that of course it is making the left once again trip all over themselves in a rush to look foolish trying to make president Trump come off bad with this pardon.

It's just great. It's 4D chess.  I like president Trump a lot.  I think he has been an excellent president as far as results go and could have been even better if the attempted character assassination and coup attempts had not been constant since his win in 2016.  But I never gave him credit for playing 4D chess against the left.  I just assumed he was a bright guy with good ideas. But I must admit, this was brilliant.

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