August 27, 2020

NBA players are choking their golden goose

NBA players have voted to boycott playoffs games because of... police racism?  NBA playoff ratings have been brutal this year.  The NBA playoff television ratings have been brutal this year as a result of a number of factors - COVID, China,  and previous 'wokeness'.   So players doing this now, seems like they are not aware of their current circumstances.

Those circumstances include people who have had enough of athletes, actors, musicians and such telling us how terrible things are in America.  Firstly, those groups of people, at least the ones who get media attention, are all millionaires.  Spare me how terrible things are, you have no idea.  People are poor, regardless of color.  People get shot by bad police regardless of color.  We don't all have entourages, managers, dietitians, etc.

Secondly, ratings are down despite the fact that people are basically shut-ins at this point.  Our time outside the home is often limited to essential services - people are even working from him in large numbers.  Given that, shouldn't NBA playoff games have ratings through the roof?  But they don't.  That should tell players something: you are not dealing from a position of strength right now.  That's not to say basketball is going to go away.  There will always be a market for a popular sport.  But will there be enough passion for it to support 30 teams?  Maybe not.  Not if people have had enough of being preached to by people who have made it. 

Ratings have tanked and now you want to preach at the world?  How dumb is that?  Last year, as a Toronto Raptors fan, I started following the NBA quite intently, especially during the Raptors' playoff run.  This year during the season I watched several games.  I have not seen a single playoff game.  I have checked the scores once.  I have not been moved to watch a game.

I'm an adult, capable of forming my own opinions.  I don't need  LeBron James or Whoopi Goldberg or The Dixie Chicks telling me how terrible America is.  I don't care about your opinions, at all. I never have.  So when you start telling me how to think.  When you protest your job, you are hurting your industry, not me.  You are 'enlightening' no one when you are stopping doing what makes you great.  It doesn't even sound like the NBA players want dialogue, just demands to be met.

Great.  You do that.  I'm going to start watching curling.  You don't see curlers protesting.

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