August 28, 2020

It's spreading like a cancer

BLM protests have spread from the NBA to MLB and now even the NHL.  Stopping playing your sport is not going to change minds, it's going to turn fans into former fans.  Players keep saying they are protesting and want a dialogue.  As if that's what they really want  - they just want to virtue signal.  As if actual dialogue were their desire and facts could show them black on black crime FAR exceeds police on black crime - they just want, like BLM, to tell the rest of us what to do.

As this meaningless virtue signaling spreads like a cancer, it prevents more and more, real progress from being made.  But that won't stop them.  These players, just like everyone else blinded by manipulated media, just want to "make a difference".  The problem is that making a difference, just like change (from Hope and Change) is meaningless without specifying exactly what kind of difference or change they want to make.  Do they want to defund the police?  I bet if you asked them half the players would say yes to that and the other half who are just virtue signalling would say no, if only privately. 

What type of change you want to make is what actually matters. Defunding the police is a step towards Marxism because it is a step towards weakening America, so that it can eventually be replaced with a Marxist regime.  Trust me, the police brutality then will make anything from today pale in comparison. 

Nobody wants police brutality to exist.  It should not exist. It needs to be stamped out. It is not however, exclusively a black lives problem.  It is not a problem that will go away easily either - it requires rethinking hiring policy, police mental health maintenance, and it really comes down to a case by case basis.  There is no systemic racism behind these cases.  That's because systemic racism is not really a thing anymore.  Some cases may involve individual racism, certainly.  But that is harder to eradicate or even find sometimes.  These groups who want to eradicate the problem by getting rid of police are engaging in overkill.  Misguided overkill at that.  It's like the anti-vaxxers who hear one study, now disproved,   that says vaccines cause autism and stop vaccinating their kids; resulting inevitably in a rise in previously eradicated health problems like measles.

These people do not investigate before they clamor for change of some unspecified degree.   If you want to convince me change is needed, come with irrefutable facts, not half-shown, edited videos and fuzzy cries of police racism. 


  1. Hell. Lebron says he's scared. As if anyone would bug the rich bitch. In faieness to him, he did an awful lot in Cleveland for education, but how many of these clown of all stripes actually act in the so called black community. I'll bet you can count them on one hand.

    How many of them speak out as to the black on black genocides going on? How many are speaking out about family and having a man around the house?


    1. Personal responsibility is far less glamorous and easy than playing the victim/blame game.


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