January 8, 2018

Progressive states continue resisting accountability

Two examples of how leftists continue to attempt to thwart accountability at every turn, follow below.  

President Trump's Tax Cuts  and Jobs Act is a shrewd political move on a level that has not been talked about much. Yes, it likely influences people to be happy about Trump's agenda.  But the real big thing is that it is a direct assault on blue states that for years have had their liberal policies subsidized by more fiscally conservative states.  Longer term these states will be forced to be more fiscally responsible than they currently are.  That means less liberal policies.  It means less time and treasure free to attack the right and the policies of the right.

California is a prime example of this.  Via Hot Air:
When the Democrats were railing against the tax cut package which was passed before Christmas, one of their major rallying cries was to say that Trump and the Republicans were “punishing blue states” by capping SALT deductions (the amount of state and local taxes you pay which may then be deducted from your federal taxes) at $10K per year. Hardest “hit” were New York and California, with their respective governors vowing to #RESIST Trump and find a way to spare their people. While this would obviously be a silly idea in progressive circles, one response might have been to ask why they don’t stop taxing their residents at such insanely high levels. Perish the thought.
It doesn't end with that. President Trump has given up on the voter fraud commission he had set up, at least for the time being, as a result of blue states' non-interest in being transparent (uncooperative is too nice a term to put the real picture in place):
The White House blamed the decision to end the panel on more than a dozen states that have refused to comply with the commission’s demand for reams of personal voter data, including names, partial Social Security numbers, voting histories and party affiliations.

Trump said in tweets early Thursday that the states, mostly Democratic leaning, “fought hard that the Commission not see their records or methods because they know that many people are voting illegally,” he tweeted.

“As Americans, you need identification, sometimes in a very strong and accurate form, for almost everything you do.....except when it comes to the most important thing, VOTING for the people that run your country.”
Clearly the swamp is much more vast than originally thought, and going to take much longer to drain. The solution - more president Trump, more shrewd policies and an unrelenting assault on the crooked pillars of the left. The resistance to accountability and transparency will not halt without a fight, and the crooked left does not fight fair.

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