January 25, 2018

President Trump offers to meet Mueller under oath!

Via The Hill:
Trump also told reporters that he plans to speak with special counsel Robert Mueller in two to three weeks, but said his lawyers are working out the specifics. “I'm looking forward to it," Trump said about being questioned by Mueller. "I would do it under oath.”
President Trump is in a difficult position - Mueller must be in a position where he is trying to get an obstruction of justice charge to stick to the president, since he has done nothing official given the other witnesses he has interrogated.  President Trump could be walking into a trap by talking under oath (unlike James Comey had Hillary Clinton do while he was busy excusing her illegal activity).  On the other hand, should he refuse to talk, either under oath or not, he's going to look guilty for his refusal.  It's a no win situation. There are only down sides and no up side to any action by the president.

The president's statement is nevertheless a bold declaration of having nothing to hide. But his lawyers were quick to say "let's not be so hasty here". It's expected a deal will be worked out between the president's lawyers and the Mueller team.  If the president is careful not to perjure himself, the whole investigation will go away with nothing more than a coffee boy indicted.  That will be a lot of egg on the face of those who are fighting for impeachment, and it's why they seem to have moved on to mental stability as the reason to impeach (not that it is working out any better for them).

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