January 1, 2018

Dictator Watch - Iran, All is not quiet on New Year's Day

It's a rather slow start to the new year, so it's tempting to just say I've got nothing.  But there are reports of Iran cracking down on protesters to the point of killing them.  President Trump tweeted out a missive on the people of Iran wanting, and deserving freedom.  The left in a fit of Chamberlain-ism, felt the tweet itself deserved condemnation for inflaming the situation. Not Iran - the president's tweet is the problem. Okey-dokey.

This in stark contrast to then president Obama in 2009 who ignored videotaped killings in the streets of Iran and his dismissive quiet helped ensure the ultimate failure of the Iranian Green Revolution, and the served as the seeds of the failure of his own foreign policy on Iran.

President Trump is, as in most things, attempting a new approach. Blanket, predetermined condemnation seems to be a short-sighted approach to solving the problem, but what do I, or president Trump know about foreign policy that the establishment liberalism hasn't already solved?

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