January 9, 2018

3 things you need to know about the left (just from today only)

Things you need to read about the left, from just today:

1. You knew it already, now you have proof.  Democrats want illegal immigration amnesty, because votes:
The Center For American Progress (CAP) Action Fund circulated a memo on Monday calling illegal immigrants brought here at a young age — so-called “Dreamers” — a “critical component of the Democratic Party’s future electoral success.”...

CAP Action’s memo says protecting DACA is not only a “moral imperative” for Democrats, it also key to getting votes.

“The fight to protect Dreamers is not only a moral imperative, it is also a critical component of the Democratic Party’s future electoral success,” reads Palmieri’s memo, obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“If Democrats don’t try to do everything in their power to defend Dreamers, that will jeopardize Democrats’ electoral chances in 2018 and beyond,” reads the memo. “In short, the next few weeks will tell us a lot about the Democratic Party and its long-term electoral prospects.”
It's already told us a lot about Democrats' cynical views on human worth - a vote is a vote, right? 

2. They don't care about the law, just their agenda. Anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok, he formerly of the Mueller probe on Russia collusion is even more sinister than previously imagined. He may have been one of those leaking of information to the media inapporpriately.
The Hill article says contacts between the FBI and the media aren’t necessarily problematic but given Strzok’s involvement in two major cases (Hillary emails and Russian collusion) and his previously uncovered bias for Hillary and against Trump, what he said to reporters prior to the election seems worth investigating.
3. They advance their agenda at any cost, even if erstwhile allies get hurt in the process. Hillary Clinton was trying to sting Green Party candidate Jill Stein with fake Russia collusion.
“This is a year’s worth of a smear campaign that began actually by some Democratic party operatives after the embarrassing emails revealed collusion by the Democratic party with Hillary Clinton’s campaign in order to interfere with our election,” Stein said. “The same people who launched that smear campaign are now celebrating that I’m being investigated, really as a consequence of this smear.”

Stein then addressed a widely circulated image of her at Russian President Vladimir Putin’s table at a 2015 banquet honoring the Russian propaganda channel RT.
Is there any part of the Democrat party that is not corrupt at this point?

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