January 22, 2018

Sham Schumer Shutdown Shuttered

Last Friday I pointed out that the government shutdown was a front, or window dressing if you will, for the left Democrat base.  Today Rush Limbaugh was arguing that nothing had changed, and either Chuck Schumer blinked and the GOP have grown a spine, or else there was something in the deal that he was not yet aware of, to get the government back open today.

The Senate Democrats caved - not just enough to get to 60 votes; they got 80+ votes to extend a continuing resolution.  Apparently they will get a  DACA floor vote before February 8th. It won't pass in any Democrat-friendly form.

So what did the Democrats get?  A nod to their base perhaps?  Maybe not.  There seems more and more to be a looming Democrat intra-party fight over how to challenge Republicans in the midterms.  Chuck Schumer doesn't want Democrats being held responsible for the shutdown and the far left wants this to (a) destroy president Trump and (b) not be a Democrat cave in to their minority status.

Grab some popcorn and enjoy, conservatives; either this becomes a brawl or else just enough disarray to mess up any hope for Democrats in the midterms.  Either way, it seems the Democrats blinked.

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