January 24, 2018

GOP getting a backbone? Let's hope so.

Yesterday I posited that conservatives and Republicans alike cannot afford to be purists and that we have to get our hands dirty, just like president Trump. Today I found this article from American Greatness, also from yesterday, that expresses the same idea;
If Trump is Jell-O, Schumer is pudding. And the Democrats’ prospects for winning the House and Senate this November could be toast.

For long-suffering Republican Party activists and observers like myself, this weekend felt different. We waited for the usual cave-in, the standard Republican capitulation, another retreat by the Stupid Party...

The president spent the weekend shaping the GOP’s message: The military and millions of legal, tax-paying American citizens should not be held hostage to Democrats’ demands over DACA...

Amazingly, Republicans stayed on message, pushing the president’s theme...

One unappreciated reason why Republicans voted for Donald Trump was their growing frustration with the feckless leadership in Washington. Most of the people I know who voted for Trump did so as not just as a message to the Clinton machine, but also to folks like Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, John McCain and others who failed to use their majority status to fight President Obama and his policies. Time and again, the Thank-You-Sir-May-I-Have-Another GOP leaders were slapped around by Obama and the media. Rank-and-file Republicans were fed up with losing...
Exactly. You don't choose a champion to go into battle to lose.

The article goes on to conclude;
If the past few days offered any lesson, it is that Republicans can capitalize politically by exposing a Democrat Party with no message and no policy agenda. This is Clinton-Trump 2.0. He pulled no punches to defeat Hillary Clinton, and did it in a fashion no other Republican presidential candidate would have had the nerve to. Trump is governing the same way, and giving much-needed spine to the jellyfishes (I see a trend here) in GOP leadership.

GOP candidates don’t need Trump’s coattails, they need to borrow his backbone for the next six months.
I'd go a step further and say it's more than just backbone, it's grit and the lack of regard for personal ad hominem attacks and a willingness to fight as dirty as you are being fought. It's not a dignified way to fight your political opposition, but it's the only way to win when they are alreadt fighting that way.

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