January 10, 2018

Bizarro World: CNN's Wolf Blitzer praises president Trump

President Trump really is a stable genius.  His move to allow cameras into the immigration meeting with both Democrats and Republicans - it was brilliant.  He was seen to be a fair, polite and respectful negotiator.  The media who have been slamming the president as unsuitable for office were forced to show the president being a leader.  It blows up their narrative.  It shows him not only being stable but the move itself was genius.  CNN apparently does not realize they've been cleverly trolled by the president.  

Maybe the president should do this more often, it's a better way than Twitter to get the truth out. Now he's not only got Republican and Democrat positions on the public record, he's done so in a presidential manner.

There's no word if rabid anti-Trumpian stooge Jim Acosta's head exploded after Wolf's comments.

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