January 27, 2018

An answer for Gateway Pundit

This morning Jim Hoft (of Gateway Pundit) asked, is the Bureau of Economic Analysis also Deep State?

Yes. Of course it is.  Why would one department be any different from so many others?

The IRS (which targeted conservative Tea Party groups for audits), the Congressional Budget Office (or CBO) (which laughably predicted a surplus budgetary impact from Obamacare),  the Bureau of Labor Statistics  (which systemically revised prior months stats after the initial flash good news for president Obama), the EPA and of course the DOJ, FBI among others.

So why not the BEA?  Frankly it would be much more surprising to find a department which hasn't been infected by either progressivist partisanship or self-interest.  It's not just a conspiracy theory when year after year new revelations about various departments continue to arise; it's a problem.

America is a Deep State country and the sooner the tentacles of progressivism are disentangled from government, the sooner it can actually do the things it supposed to do, and only those things.  Washington is dysfunctional not just because of politics in Congress but because politics has deliberately and systematically worked its way into the bureaucracy for decades.  That's what most needs to be fixed, and in such a way as to create barriers (walls if you will) to prevent it from ever happening again.  

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