January 1, 2018

Dictator Watch - North Korea goes full nuke

While I'm starting out the year on a Dictator Watch note, I might as well comment on the North Korea has the bomb and the rocketry to hit anywhere in America situation.  While some are again saying that president Trump has put the world closer to nuclear war than ever before, the hyperbole just does not stack up to scrutiny.  We've seen from the president before a methodology in staking out a tough initial bargaining position before a negotiation.  That is most certainly the same case in this instance.

Granted that concern might be part of a planned leak to frighten Kim Jong Un into a negotiation. That won't stop CNN from freaking out of course. And we don't know for sure at this point if Kim Jung Un is simply full of bluster himself.   However, even if the capabilities he claims to have are bogus, they are certainly not that far off from a future reality. That's my issue; there seems to be a fundamental lack of concern by many people in the media about a tinfoil hat leader of a rogue nation having nuclear capabilities that hold the potential to decimate an American city.  That's a situation that must be resolved and quickly.  The previous administration bungled the North Korea situation as badly as it did the Iranian issue.  This administration will get results, perhaps imperfect but positive, and it will be in stark contrast to the failure of the Obama administration.

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