February 18, 2012

Democrat Math: More benefits + more condoms = ?

Some of the obvious dichotomy of liberal Democrat math escapes me entirely.  If you can explain how this is supposed to work, please enlighten me:

More health care, more social security and more welfare = more cost to tax contributors

More free contraception =  less children.

Less children + aging population  = fewer people supporting those requiring support.

Fewer people supporting those requiring support + more cost = unsustainable and growing burden + more national debt

You can't increase the welfare state while encouraging, or forcing contraception.  Liberals are at odds with themselves and they either don't see it or don't care to reconcile the two issues.  

Interminably frustrating.

Seriously, if anyone knows of some secret liberal plan to make all this work, please enlighten us conservative Luddites because we clearly are not the math geniuses that you are.

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