February 25, 2012

Add Jeb Bush to the conservative Nightmare Team

Helping the cause.  But which one?
There are a good number of Republicans that have had no business calling themselves conservatives or pretending they belong under the Republican banner - Bob Dole, John McCain, George H. W. Bush, Charlie Crist, Mitt Romney, Olympia Snowe and the list of RINOs goes on for far too long.  They make collectively (and I chose that word deliberately) a conservative Nightmare Team.  The exact opposite of a Dream Team. The list is far too long already, but now you can add Jeb Bush to that list - a list apparently on which every member of the Bush clan actually belongs.

Via Time:
“I used to be a conservative, and I watch these debates and I’m wondering, I don’t think I’ve changed, but it’s a little troubling sometimes when people are appealing to people’s fears and emotion rather than trying to get them to look over the horizon for a broader perspective, and that’s kind of where we are.”
Understand, he's using the term "used to be" rather loosely.  His father raised taxes and didn't like Reagan's supply side economics views.  His brother added substantially to Medicare and tried to appoint Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court.  And conservatives are supposed to believe that a candidate who endorse John McCain and who says things like the comment above would be different than the rest of his big government Republican family?  I don't think the grassroots conservatives are buying that line any more Jeb.

Perhaps the rationale behind this is just a prelude to a swipe at the current candidates because he plans to sweep in at a brokered convention and take the nomination.  But even then, what is the logic? This sort of comment won't endear him to conservative voters.  Perhaps it will help him with the establishment Republican backing if they start to distance themselves from Mitt Romney but...oh, wait. Never mind.

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